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ServiceNow Pillars of Success

Learn what our most successful customers do to realize value. We've organized this material into five focus areas—the Pillars of Success.

To get the most from your Now Platform, you need a program of action that takes you from your vision to measurable value. Our Pillars of Success give you the building blocks and action steps—based on practitioner insights—that you need to see true transformation.
Each pillar consists of activities and how‑to steps critical to your success with ServiceNow.

  • Vision and defined business outcomes – Your vision needs defined and measurable business outcomes—cost savings, enhanced employee and consumer experience, risk reduction, and accelerated innovation.
  • Foundational technology architecture – Getting the right technology and data foundations is essential to ensure your implementation fully delivers your business outcomes.
  • Sponsorship and governance – Focus your approach to governance on the strategic level as much as the technical level. For that, you need strong executive leadership.
  • Process innovation – Implementation is an opportunity to innovate, not just automate, your existing processes.
  • Organizational adoption – You’re actually driving a change in your operating model not just in a new system—and that requires strong investment in experience, change, and training.

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