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Automate change and incident management

Why this is important

Automation can meet new expectations for incident and change management, and it delivers both the stability that process needs as well as the speed that new business drivers demand. But automation isn’t simply push-button. You also need to build a framework that uses automation to identify and resolve critical service issues faster and build approaches that use automation to improve the accuracy, speed, and efficiency of change management.

Steps Covered

1. Establish clear dependency mapping
2. Proactively identify service issues
3. Automate incident response and resolution
4. Automate change management
5. Measure impact and tune

Key takeaways

The most important things to know

  • Automation requires a solid set of service definitions and a framework the enterprise has agreed on that helps explain service criticality in terms of its business impact. Automating incident and change management is only helpful when you know where the greatest risks to your business outcomes are.
  • Automation requires sufficient, credible data to support response, classification, and remediation.

The payoff of getting this right
Effective automation can improve the speed, accuracy, and throughput of your incident and change management processes—helping you to manage cost and improve the quality of IT services.

What you need to get started

A working knowledge of current incident and change management processes
Access to the data needed to support automated incident and change management (from your CMDB and/or other sources)

When you should start this activity

Any time--but first ensure that you have a clear, documented understanding of your current incident and change management processes

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