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Why this is important

Mitigating risks and getting more value from your ServiceNow implementations is what it's all about. That means you need to know how to determine whom to involve in OCM and create a process and plan that will help your teams adapt to new ways of working. It also means you need to know how to pilot your program as well as celebrate your go-live.

Steps covered

1. Prepare to manage organizational change
2. Research your organizational change context
3. Document organizational change plans
4. Execute the organizational change
5. Enable an ongoing OCM function

Key takeaways

The most important things to know
OCM is a key part of transforming how works gets done. It’s easy to overlook the need for OCM at first, but many organizations quickly realize that they won’t get the full value they expect from ServiceNow (or any technology) if they don’t help the people in their organization prepare for how they’ll change their work. Start early and invest in excellent OCM.

The payoff of getting this right
OCM can improve your ability to realize project goals, meet timelines, and hit user adoption targets by ensuring that the people in your organization are ready to support ServiceNow.

What you need to get started

Leadership support
An OCM program lead to coordinate and lead OCM plan preparation and execution
Someone to design and deliver communications to inform the organization of the OCM program and upcoming organizational change
Someone to plan how to identify and recruit champions who can help convince their peers of the value of using ServiceNow
Access to your technical implementation teams to coordinate the technical elements and the people-oriented OCM elements of your ServiceNow project

When you should start this activity

Start general OCM planning when you decide to implement ServiceNow.

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