Create an organizational change management plan

What's in this Success Playbook

This Success Playbook will teach you how to create an organizational change management (OCM) plan that helps you mitigate risks and realize the value you expect when implementing ServiceNow®. You’ll learn to: 

  • Determine who must be involved in and responsible for OCM planning and execution
  • Identify the process and insights needed to build a plan that helps your teams adapt to a new, transformed way of working
  • Use pilots and go-live celebrations to engage people in the implementation process to help them prepare and commit to a new way of working
  • Plan ahead to manage ongoing organizational change as you continue using ServiceNow capabilities 

Key takeaways

The most important things to know

OCM is a key part of transforming how works gets done. It’s easy to overlook the need for OCM at first, but many organizations quickly realize that they won’t get the full value they expect from ServiceNow (or any technology) if they don’t help the people in their organization prepare for how they’ll change their work. Start early and invest in excellent OCM.

The payoff of getting this right

OCM can improve your ability to realize project goals, meet timelines, and hit user adoption targets by ensuring that the people in your organization are ready to support ServiceNow. 

Steps covered

Step 1: Prepare to manage organizational change

  • Focus on assembling the right expertise to manage OCM.
  • Start with a deep understanding of why the change is occurring and what success will look like.

Step 2: Research your organizational change context

  • Use OCM analyses as an opportunity to engage your stakeholders and create support for the change.
  • Repeat and revisit your OCM context assessments over time.

Step 3: Document organizational change plans

  • Balance top-down messaging with bottom-up listening.
  • Treat OCM communication like a marketing campaign.

Step 4: Execute the organizational change    

  • Design pilots from a people perspective.

Step 5: Enable an ongoing OCM function    

  • Develop ServiceNow OCM as a capability that can consistently manage future organizational change projects.
What you need to get started
What you need to get started
An OCM program lead to coordinate and lead OCM plan preparation and execution
Access to your technical implementation teams to coordinate the technical elements and the people-oriented OCM elements of your ServiceNow project
Someone to design and deliver communications to inform the organization of the OCM program and upcoming organizational change
Someone to plan how to identify and recruit champions who can help convince their peers of the value of using ServiceNow
When you should start this activity
When you should start this activity
Start general OCM planning as part of managing your organization’s overall transformation before or at the same time as you decide to implement ServiceNow. Begin to specifically manage the impact of your platform implementation as you develop of your ServiceNow roadmap and implementation plan—that is, well before you kick off any implementation project so you can factor OCM-related costs into your business case. Also consider the OCM implications when you expand ServiceNow capabilities.

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