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Support DevOps in the enterprise with ServiceNow

DevOps with ServiceNow

Why this is important

Support your DevOps teams with ServiceNow so they can be more effective and deliver more. Find out what your DevOps teams need, the use cases most relevant to supporting them, and the steps you can take to implement ServiceNow solutions that they’ll find valuable—and that support your operational goals.

Steps covered

1. Get visibility into how DevOps will work at your organization
2. Identify where and how ServiceNow can deliver early value to DevOps
3. Plan and pilot your initial DevOps use case, then expand adoption
4. Roadmap your plan to expand support for DevOps with ServiceNow

Key takeaways

The most important things to know
Through customer interviews, we’ve identified the two most important steps to support DevOps with ServiceNow:

1. Do your homework. Learn how DevOps is working at your organization—how many teams there are, how they work, what tools they use, etc.—so you know how to support your DevOps teams effectively.

2. Identify and implement an initial use case (typically change automation) that can deliver value to many DevOps teams in your organization by integrating ServiceNow with DevOps tools (such as CI/CD pipeline tools) and improving and/or modifying operations on ServiceNow as needed.

The payoff of getting this right

  • You’ll help your organization realize the expected value from DevOps by providing an effective system of record that is responsive enough to support the operational needs of continuous integration and continuous deployment.
  • You’ll help maximize the value provided by operations supported on ServiceNow by ensuring that they get operationally relevant information from DevOps tools.
  • You’ll prepare operations supported by ServiceNow to keep pace with DevOps demand, for example, increasing your rate of change.

What you need to get started

Leadership support
Support from your executive sponsor for investing in identifying and deploying functionality on ServiceNow to support DevOps teams
Continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) toolchains that ServiceNow can integrate to support DevOps work
Someone to champion the discovery, planning, and implementation steps needed to deliver solutions to DevOps teams
Teams using DevOps and Agile methods for development because the use cases detailed in this playbook won’t deliver expected value to teams using waterfall methods

When you should start this activity

As soon as possible if your organization is shifting toward Agile and DevOps as your primary development method

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