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Executive sponsor engagement

Why this is important

The right executive partner can make your implementation more successful at every turn. Learn how to find an effective advocate, define their role and responsibilities, develop an action plan, and build a framework for ongoing collaboration.

Steps covered

1. Define the role and responsibilities of the executive
2. Prepare the executive sponsor
3. Create an action plan for your executive sponsor
4. Use your executive sponsor to optimize and expand ServiceNow adoption

Key takeaways

The most important things to know
Engagement depends on preparation, so make sure your executive sponsor is clear on their role and responsibilities. Arm your executive sponsor with the right education, action plan, and supporting resources to be an effective advocate for your ServiceNow implementation.

The payoff of getting this right
Selecting the right executive sponsor helps you make sure the decisions you make regarding your ServiceNow implementation align with your business vision and support desired outcomes. In addition, you’ll accelerate implementation time since your executive sponsor can establish consensus faster and make quick decisions.

What you need to get started

An understanding of how much time the executive sponsor will commit to ServiceNow per week or month, and how much information they’ll need to make effective decisions

When you should start this activity

At least two months before your implementation project begins

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