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Predictive Intelligence

Why this is important

Machine learning (ML) holds significant promise for IT service management, particularly for incident categorization and routing. Learn how to use Predictive Intelligence to improve incident categorization and routing, demystify machine learning and get your service desk team in the comfort zone, create pilots, and then refine and scale your use of Predictive Intelligence for better incident management.

Steps covered

1. Educate your IT service management organization
2. Develop a pilot to demonstrate Predictive Intelligence’s capabilities
3. Build the data you need to scale

Key takeaways

The most important things to know

  • Educate your teams on machine learning, both as a means to “demystify” the concept and spur innovative thinking.
  • Collaborate with your teams to take advantage of this thinking, and develop smart pilots focused on improving the performance of the incident management process (rather than simply deploying a capability).

The payoff of getting this right

By using Predictive Intelligence effectively, you can significantly improve the accuracy and speed of incident categorization, improving your mean time to resolve incidents.

What you need to get started

Access to and a general understanding of Predictive Intelligence

When you should start this activity

As you begin to consider deploying Predictive Intelligence

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