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Partner selection and management

Why this is important

Finding and managing the right partner will help you capture the full value possible from ServiceNow. Find out how to establish a partner strategy that will help you reach your business objectives and how a partner can help you identify innovation opportunities that stretch beyond your objectives.

Steps covered

Step 1: Define and establish a partner strategy
Step 2: Search for prospective partners
Step 3: Evaluate prospective partners
Step 4: Select and onboard your partner
Step 5: Manage your partner
Step 6: Develop a strategic partner relationship

Key takeaways

The most important things to know
Your choice of an implementation partner is just as important as your choice to use ServiceNow, but many organizations don’t put enough effort into properly vetting partner quality during the selection process. Finding and selecting the right partner is critical—and getting out of a bad partner selection can be time consuming and costly.

The payoff of getting this right
You’ll have a partner who delivered a successful ServiceNow implementation that resulted in achieving all or part of your organization’s vision for transformation and desired business outcomes. Your initial ServiceNow implementation may be the start of a long-term, strategic relationship.

What you need to get started

Your executive sponsor, key IT and business partners, and other subject matter experts to help create your partner strategy and provide input to the partner evaluation process

When you should start this activity

  • When you begin evaluating ServiceNow as your solution of choice

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