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Performance measurement and analytics​

Managing performance means using metrics to inform strategic decisions, guide day-to-day work, and track progress toward defined goals. For your performance management efforts to be successful, you must communicate the relevant metrics to appropriate stakeholders—this way, you’ll be able to take timely corrective steps as needed.​


Key benefits:

  • Stakeholders have the data they need to prioritize work and inform strategic decisions.​
  • Track performance and progress toward goals.​
  • Identify opportunities to course-correct and increase business benefits.​

Get smart quickly​

Success Video

Video overview: Build a performance management approach for ServiceNow

Watch our four-minute video about performance management and how to define and communicate KPIs.

Executive Briefing Deck

Build a performance management approach for ServiceNow

Get a quick overview of what performance management is and how to define and communicate KPIs.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs: Performance Management for ServiceNow

Get answers to common questions on defining and communicating KPIs to manage performance.

Understand organizational context
Define metrics
Build a dashboard
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