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Performance measurement and analytics

Why this is important

Using the right KPIs and metrics helps you be more proactive and helps you achieve your most important business outcomes and objectives—and identify any risks to them. Plus, you’ll be able to set usage targets for adoption that help increase your value.

Steps covered

Step 1: Understand your business objectives
Step 2: Define your KPIs
Step 3: Define your diagnostic metrics
Step 4: Continually improve your metrics tracking
Step 5: Extend your use of metrics

Key takeaways

The most important things to know
When you use KPIs and metrics correctly, they help you be proactive rather than reactive, and they give you what you need to manage and accelerate progress on your ServiceNow roadmap. Ultimately, that means they bring you closer to your vision for transformation. To use KPIs and metrics successfully, you need:

  • Clarity and simplicity in what you measure – Stay focused and avoid having metrics simply for the sake of having metrics.
  • Clarity on what decisions or actions you need your KPIs to show – Avoid metrics that aren’t based on a decision or prompt action.
  • Education – Train your leaders and teams so they understand how to incorporate metrics in their day-to-day work.

The payoff of getting this right
With the right KPIs and metrics in place, you can make implementation and management decisions that are focused on the business outcomes you want to achieve with ServiceNow. And because your governance teams can use KPIs and metrics to guide their decision-making and actions, they save time—and they can avoid a lot of unnecessary work.

What you need to get started

Review your business case and implementation roadmap
Document your business objectives
Meet with process owners, service owners, and functional leaders to learn their current metrics collection and reporting methods

When you should start this activity

  • Start your metrics program at least two to three months before your ServiceNow go-live date.

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