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Manage demand for the Now Platform

Why this is important

To successfully use the Now Platform® to support business use cases for digital transformation across your organization, you need to manage demand for enhancements as well as new ServiceNow capabilities.

Demand will change as your business conditions and objectives change. To address these changes, work with your business stakeholders to learn about their business objectives and anticipate demand changes.

Steps covered

1. Create visibility by building a demand intake model
2. Take control by enhancing, prioritizing, and approving demands
3. Align approved demands to business outcomes
4. Increase velocity and plan future demand

Key takeaways

The most important things to know
Good demand management isn’t a matter of triage or saying “no”—it’s a way to make sure that your resources are aligned to your organization’s most important priorities and risk profile. The most successful demand management teams will foster a strategic relationship with their internal ServiceNow “customers” so they can anticipate and address their needs most effectively. So make this a clear, simple, and iterative process that helps your customers draw a clear line between their business objectives and Now Platform capabilities.

The payoff of getting this right
When your demand management function responds to your changing business objectives, you’ll gain improved visibility, control, and alignment of your ServiceNow roadmap while you improve the quality of your services and capabilities through effective governance.

What you need to get started

Executive sponsor, key IT and business partners, and other subject matter experts

When you should start this activity

Begin your demand management strategy when you decide to use ServiceNow and establish roles for governance.

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