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Why this is important

If you’re ready to build smart, effective approaches to the design, implementation, and maintenance of your self-service channels, we’ve got you covered. Use these resources to help you target your opportunities, design an effortless self-service experience, make it an organizational priority, and then build momentum for adoption.

Steps covered

1. Assess your opportunities for self-service improvement
2. Design for an effortless self-service experience
3. Make improving self-service an organizational priority
4. Build momentum for self-service adoption

Key takeaways

The most important things to know

  • Make the self-service user experience effortless. Focus on a small number of key interactions in the user journey where user experience is won or lost.
  • Prioritize self-service improvement and maintenance. Define measurable goals for self-service, and make it a priority for your service teams.
  • Nudge users to adopt self-service. Help users overcome change inertia through a variety of tactics, from branding to the use of key influencers.

The payoff of getting this right
A typical self-service interaction can be 98% less expensive than a phone- or email-based interaction—meaning that your organization can save millions of dollars by moving more support requests to self-service.

What you need to get started

An understanding of your current self-service offerings and adoption rates

When you should start this activity

Two to three months before you want to go live with your onboarding service, depending on the size of your organization

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Best Practices

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