Stand up a ServiceNow Center of Excellence and Innovation

Stand up a ServiceNow Center of Excellence and Innovation

What's in this Success Playbook

This Success Playbook will guide you in developing a blueprint for a ServiceNow Center of Excellence and Innovation (CoEI), including:

  • How to define a charter, organizational structure, and operating model that will drive your vision for ServiceNow to digitize workflows
  • How to position the CoEI to engage effectively with key stakeholders who will help you realize value from ServiceNow: your business partners, service owners, and process owners
  • How to resource and run your CoEI so it can improve scale, velocity, and risk management for ServiceNow

Key takeaways

The most important things to know
A CoEI consolidates teams for strategy, business engagement and delivery, platform architecture and support, and innovation to reach value faster and advance ServiceNow’s role as an enterprise platform for digitizing workflows. A CoEI removes the organizational seams that can inhibit your ability to move from vision to value with ServiceNow.

Some aspects of your CoEI may look similar to CoEs in place for other platforms, but your CoEI should have unique competencies and resources for developing innovations in productivity and enhanced employee and customer experiences. Don’t just “relabel” platform support, project management, or application development for ServiceNow as a CoEI—instead, your CoEI’s value is in leading and coordinating these activities in pursuit of your strategic vision.

The payoff of getting this right
Successful CoEIs are able to realize—and accelerate—value realization from ServiceNow across the enterprise as they:

  • Set and oversee policies and processes that guard against technical risks, like ungoverned customization
  • Improve the scale and velocity of development teams
  • Help business lines discover new opportunities for innovation, both in terms of productivity and experience

Steps covered

Step 1 – Set the foundations for your CoEI

  • Look forward—begin to define an enterprise vision for ServiceNow and digital transformation to build a stronger case for your CoEI.
  • Frame your opportunities for your CoEI to support digital innovation, not just digital service delivery.

Step 2 – Define a charter and structure for your CoEI

  • Align the CoEI’s charter and function to your organization’s maturity with ServiceNow.
  • Focus your staffing on the hard problems that the CoEI needs to solve to improve velocity and scale.

Step 3 – Define your engagement and delivery model with business, service, and process owners

  • Be clear about the big picture. Show how the CoEI interacts with your strategic governance and demand management functions for ServiceNow, your service and process managers and/or owners, and other CoEs to deliver on enterprise demands.
  • Orient your operations and engagement model around the delivery of “ServiceNow as a Service” to meet enterprise demands.

Step 4 – Define the right resourcing model

  • Resource for long-term potential and competency, not just short-term skill needs.
  • Lead business partners toward self-service.
  • Maintain an Agile capacity to respond to short-term requirements that present highly visible innovation opportunities.

Step 5 – Operationalize your CoEI and advance your vision for digital transformation

  • Invest in regular upgrades to get ahead of demand.
  • Build a team of champions within the CoEI and your customer base.
  • Define CoEI success in terms of enterprise-wide transformation, convergence, and value creation.
What you need to get started
What you need to get started
To stand up an effective CoEI, you need a clear vision and roadmap for ServiceNow, supported by engaged executive sponsors and strategic governance over your roadmap. We discuss these prerequisites in Step 1 of this Success Playbook.
When you should start this activity
When you should start this activity
You should stand up your CoEI before demands for ServiceNow capabilities begin to scale (or, ideally, before you even take on enterprise demands)
If you’re implementing ServiceNow, start planning for a CoEI as soon as possible – no later than the point when you’ve completed 80% of your initial implementation phase.

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