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Vulnerability Response with and integration

Why this is important

By installing the Tenable™ for your Vulnerability Response application into your ServiceNow instance, you can import your SecurityCenter vulnerability data and act on it directly within ServiceNow to reduce your overall attack surface. Learn to outline what’s required before installing the SecurityCenter application into your ServiceNow instance, the steps to integrate SecurityCenter with ServiceNow, and how to properly configure the Tenable application.

Steps Covered

1. Configure MID Server and Tenable
2. Download and install the app
3. Configure the app

Key takeaways

The most important things to know

  • When your Tenable SecurityCenter is integrated with your ServiceNow instance, you can pull data from the scanner into Vulnerability Response, prioritize vulnerable items based on business criticality, and assign tasks to IT workers from one console.
  • When items are closed in Vulnerability Response, the workflow can automatically initiate a rescan to ensure the patch was applied successfully and the vulnerability was mitigated.

The payoff of getting this right
Effectively integrating Tenable SecurityCenter will help you prioritize and respond to vulnerabilities faster.

What you need to get started

ServiceNow Vulnerability Response (either standalone or as part of Security Operations Professional or Enterprise) running Madrid Patch 4, v5.7 or later—or, Tenable for Assets v2.5, and Tenable Connector v2.5.
Tenable SecurityCenter 5.3 or later

When you should start this activity

As soon as you have both Tenable SecurityCenter and ServiceNow® Vulnerability Response in place

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