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Automating your technology service ops

Automate and optimize technology service operations to increase IT productivity, predict and prevent issues, and deliver compelling service experiences.

Build a foundation for success

A strong foundation includes the right products coupled with leadership readiness.


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To start, watch our short video about automating and optimizing technology service operations to increase IT productivity.

Reference Architecture

Learn the architecture

Discover the ServiceNow capabilities that can help you transform your organization.

Transformation Insight

Prepare your team

Identify the actions you should take as a transformational leader.

Support your journey with ServiceNow’s leading practices

Success Pack

ITSM intelligent automation

These resources help you implement, maintain, and get maximum value from ITSM Pro applications.


Make machine learning simple with Predictive Intelligence

Use the machine learning capabilities in ServiceNow Predictive Intelligence to improve incident categorization and routing.

Success Map

Accelerate your digital transformation with ITSM Pro

Re-envision your ITSM workflows with ServiceNow ITSM Pro capabilities.

Success Playbook

Automate incident and change management

Learn how to improve the availability and agility of your enterprise services.


Prepare to pilot and scale Virtual Agent

Get a quick overview of virtual agents and how to pilot one at your organization.

Success Checklist

Implementation readiness: Virtual Agent

Make sure you're prepared for your Virtual Agent implementation.

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Learn how you can get started using ServiceNow to support DevOps.

Success Playbook

Support DevOps in the enterprise with ServiceNow

This Success Playbook will teach you how to get started with ServiceNow to support DevOps.