Learn how to identify use cases and choose the best approach with AI for enterprise applications.

3 use cases for enterprise AI

Artificial intelligence can turbocharge your organization if you put it to work on the right problems

Perspectives and insights

Learn how researchers are working to make AI in finance more equitable for customers.

Can AI make banking fairer?

Artificial intelligence has given disadvantaged communities greater access to financial services. Do some algorithms perpetuate inequality?

AI needs to show its work

Explainability is a business necessity and can help forestall regulation

The man in search of human-level AI

An exclusive interview with Turing Award-winning researcher Yoshua Bengio
Putting the right AI technology guardrails in place can help drive better business outcomes.

The business case for AI governance

The right guardrails can improve AI performance and boost the bottom line
enterprise AI use case

Enterprise AI and the ‘valley of death’

How companies can translate cutting-edge research into practical business tools
Learn the 8 key ways enterprise AI business applications have evolved over the last 5 decades.

8 key moments in the evolution of enterprise AI

Artificial intelligence through the decades

Enterprise solutions


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Now Intelligence: Work smarter, make better business decisions

Case Study

How Novant Health creates more time for patient care

White Paper

Deliver smart, responsive IT services in an always changing world

Solution Brief

Keep your services up and running 24/7 with Predictive AIOps

Research and expert AI resources


Deep learning for AI

Turing Award-winning researchers Yoshua Bengio, Yann Lecun, and Geoffrey Hinton

PICARD: Turning natural language into SQL


Ghost workers: Designing for the humans in the loop

White Paper

Big Tech’s influence on AI academic research


Continual learning via local module composition


Systematic generalization with edge transformers