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The future of work is hybrid

I used to think in-person collaboration drove productivity. The pandemic changed my mind.



Can digital technology help build empathy?

Sociologist Sherry Turkle on how returning to the office is an opportunity to do things differently, and create more human connections
We must continue to apply digital innovation from COVID-19 to build a more equitable future.

Innovation creates a more equitable future

Pandemic-inspired ideas can solve some of the bigger challenges in healthcare, employee experience, and workplace diversity and inclusion
hybrid work
Crash Course

Strategies for the transition to hybrid work

Expert guidance on balancing priorities in the new world of work
Support can excel under difficult conditions in a culture that fosters great employee experiences.

The undeniable impact of employee experience on customer experience

Understanding EX’s impact on CX can help support organizations thrive

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4 steps to creating a great workplace for a great work life


Manage a safe and efficient workplace

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Rebooting your culture for hybrid work

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Making workplace services work for employees


5 steps to a safe workplace with ServiceNow

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