Hyperautomation can be as powerful as your imagination

Hyperautomation isn’t just the latest buzzword. To fully tap its potential requires a platform connecting enterprise automation technologies and bringing them together for a seamless experience. Tech visionary Dave Wright shares how this new movement exemplifies transformation done right.


Welcome to the new world of work, where hyperautomation can be as powerful as your imagination.

Think about LEGO. The blocks themselves fit together in so many different ways, and it doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a box full of them or whether you’ve just got a handful. With a little imagination, and some creative placements, you can build something pretty amazing.

And hyperautomation is exactly the same. There are so many different automation tools, from robotic process automation and machine learning to orchestration and integration, and some of these tools are already part of your workplaces.

Well, these building blocks are ready to be stacked and reformed to match whatever it is you envision. But this is so much more than just automation.

It encompasses digitization, transformation, and even optimization. Companies are using ServiceNow as their foundation, connecting a family of enterprise technologies and bringing them together in a way that can truly change the way we think about work. Well, that’s transformation done right.