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Creator Workflows for SAP ERP

Build workflows that work better with SAP.

Replace outdated processes with flexibility, agility, and ease. Digitize, automate, and accelerate your enterprise resource planning (ERP) operations.

Radically re-think ERP

ERP systems can better accommodate change when complexity is eliminated by keeping the core clean.

Make SAP ERP accessible to all with a better UX

ERP for everyone

In today’s modern work world, more people want ERP access. By adding usability to your ERP system, you’re also adding value.

Streamlining ERP operations beyond SAP

Simple, smart ERP workflows

With processes that span systems, departments, and people, you can focus on what you need—not what your tech can do. Connect across the enterprise for faster time to value.

Accelerating innovation for SAP at scale

Limitless possibility

Citizen developers are an untapped resource that can help create enterprise‑wide change and a culture of ERP innovation. Turn on‑the‑job knowledge into an operational edge.

Upgrade painlessly with a clean SAP core

Clean core, easy upgrades

Upgrading is painless with a clean SAP core. Take complexity out of the equation by adding a separate engagement layer so you can migrate at your own pace.

Deliver ERP agility to your SAP

By 2025, over 65% of postimplementation ERP changes will be made by citizen developers using low-code application platforms.*

Let’s set you up for success.

*Gartner Predicts, 2021: Time to Compose an ERP Strategy to Outpace Disruption.