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PLDT uses CSM and ITSM
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PLDT boosts revenue and lowers churn with ServiceNow


Revenue generated via employee referrals


Value of churn prevented


Improvement in average response time

Elevating customer service to support growth

Part of the MVP Group, PLDT Inc. (formerly known as the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company) is the largest integrated telecommunications company in the Philippines. The PLDT subsidiary Smart Communications Inc. (Smart)  provides wireless communication services including 5G networks, high-speed internet connectivity, and digital services and content to over 71.2 million mobile subscribers, covering 96% of the country’s cities and municipalities.

When the pandemic struck in early 2020, people across the country switched to working or studying from home or remotely. Customer demand for internet and mobile services rose sharply as a result, and PLDT and Smart were also forced to close their physical retail stores. PLDT needed to rethink its service delivery.

John Lao, Operations Head for the High Value Care Segment at PLDT, explains: “With the sudden spike in new sales and customer requests, we wanted to make sure that every PLDT and Smart employee was empowered to extend their assistance and help to our customers.”

With support from ServiceNow partner Nexus, PLDT adopted ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) Professional with Customer Service Management Professional and Automation Engine to build the SanaAll (‘hope for all’) employee portal. Its goal was to ensure that all PLDT and Smart employees could quickly respond to customer requests and support business growth.

Single employee and customer experience portal

Before ServiceNow, customer issues were captured by Microsoft forms and sent to separate email addresses. Fulfillment teams then had to read and understand the emails before determining the right person in the Customer Experience (CX) team to handle each request. This manual process led to long processing times and dissatisfied customers.

“With lockdowns and staff working remotely during the pandemic, it was not possible for different teams to collaborate on a request using their legacy on-premise systems. A lot of non-frontline employees also didn’t even know where to go if they received a customer complaint,” says Grace Plata, Chief of Staff and Accounts and Portfolio Management Lead at PLDT.

PLDT and Smart initially deployed ServiceNow ITSM which included Service Catalog and Virtual Agent capabilities. With ServiceNow ITSM holding a leading position with Gartner and employees already familiar with the product, PLDT and Smart were confident that their teams could quickly adopt new services by upgrading to ServiceNow ITSM Professional and integrating with Salesforce via ServiceNow Automation Engine to build the SanaAll program.

Customers and Smart employees now receive automatic email notifications whenever there is an update on the fulfillment of a request or the resolution of issues. The CX team can also consistently access request information and call customers back immediately to follow up on requests or issues such as internet outages.

Grace says: “ServiceNow provides end-to-end visibility for employees to quickly respond to customers about problem resolution. Customers also know that requests are being looked after and not just falling into a black hole.”

Leveraging the dynamic workflows in ServiceNow, Carlo Guevarra, IT Manager at PLDT, and his team can easily create service catalogs for VIP and regular customers within ServiceNow ITSM Professional. These workflows enable the fulfillment team to route requests to the CX team more efficiently.

“Thanks to ServiceNow, our CX team’s average response time has been improved by 50%—just under two hours instead of over three and a half,” says Carlo. “Support agents can also provide more meaningful responses to customers compared to the previously available robotic replies.” 

Improving employee satisfaction and lowering churn

Through the SanaAll program, PLDT and Smart have also engaged every employee to be a product ambassador and encourage family and friends to refer new services such as upgrading from 3G to 5G networks. The program also involved training activities for all employees on how to further enhance the customer experience.

“Since we launched the portal on the Now Platform, we have fulfilled over 150,000 service requests, and more than 100,000 customers have been referred by the ambassador program over the past three years,” says Carlo.

“The SanaAll portal goes beyond simply passing customer concerns to the right people in support and providing updates. It’s like combining an employee and customer experience into one.”

Thanks to the ServiceNow dashboard, PLDT and Smart employees can now see real-time information on the number of cases they have referred via the program. This boosts staff morale and further encourages them to refer more customers.

“Some employees even took photos while they were helping customers in the mall. It’s one reason why our Net Promoter Score for employee satisfaction is now over 85%,” adds Carlo.

The combination of timely helpful support and the Ambassador program has also helped to prevent at least $400,000 of customer churn―a significant achievement in a highly competitive telecommunications industry.

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ServiceNow enables us to capitalize on our group’s ecosystem and contribute $1.52 million in new revenue.

Carlo Guevarra

IT Manager

Boosting revenue by capitalizing on the group’s ecosystem

In addition to PLDT’s telecoms business, MVP Group also runs 35 companies that cover a range of critical sectors such as energy, utilities, roads, and infrastructure.

With a focus on growing B2B customers across the group, PLDT and Smart have expanded to ServiceNow Customer Service Management Professional and integrated with Microsoft Azure and the MVP Group’s Active Directory using ServiceNow Automation Engine spokes. This gives PLDT the agility to securely share Service Catalogs with broader group companies simply by creating and publishing the same Service Catalog―such as internet connectivity―via Customer Service Management.

“The capability of ServiceNow enables us to capitalize on the strength of our group’s ecosystem and contribute to around $1.52 million in revenue generated via the SanaAll program,” says Carlo.

“ServiceNow is repeatable and reliable, making it easy to roll the program out to potentially 50,000 employees instead of just 16,000 PLDT and Smart employees,” John adds.

Maximizing return on investment

Unlike legacy on-premise systems that rely on VPN, PLDT and Smart have built a mobile app using the low-code ServiceNow App Engine and Automation Engine for employees to access the portal anywhere, anytime.

The out-of-the-box functionality offered by ServiceNow also means PLDT and Smart can further refine customer service processes and deliver a superior experience.

“We are starting to build data for performance analytics and create topics that will enable chatbots within the organization,” says Carlo. “For one of our top B2B clients, we are also looking to create a portal through which it can submit requests via ServiceNow Customer Service Management and tap into ServiceNow ITSM for internal support.”

Carlo summarizes that ServiceNow has empowered PLDT and Smart to vastly improve customer service, boost employee satisfaction, and maximize returns on investment. The successes at PLDT are now also acting as a beacon to lead the MVP group of companies into an exciting future.

“PLDT and Smart employees are empowered by ServiceNow to deliver faster and better customer service than before,” concludes Grace. “Our investment in ServiceNow has paid off and continues to bring benefits to PLDT’s bottom line.”

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