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Agile Development

Prioritize, plan, and manage agile portfolios for optimal business value. Simplify execution so your teams can deliver products and services faster.

Benefits of Agile Development

Connect strategy to execution to innovate faster

Gain real-time visibility into product development. Reach top velocity for better outcome delivery.

Orchestrate your agile portfolio to deliver value

Track all of your agile release train and scrum program features and epics in a single view.

Fine-tune work to deliver faster

Help developers get more done by streamlining the flow from agile planning to DevOps.

Features of Agile Development

Viewing teams on scrum program boards

Scrum program boards

Get visibility into your teams—see dependencies, sprint capacity, and when they’re overloaded.

Preconfigured agile dashboards for scrum and SAFe teams

Agile dashboards

Use preconfigured dashboards to view trends, status, and work details for scrum and SAFe teams.

Unified view of agile and traditional workstreams

Unified backlog

Manage agile and traditional workstreams in a single system of record, with a consolidated view.

Viewing stories across sprints in a visual task board

Sprint tracking

View stories across sprints on an interactive, drag-and-drop visual task board.

Additional features

Agile management mobile

Get visibility into your agile team’s work and manage current sprints—even when you’re on the go.

Agile development 2.0

Let product owners and scrum masters easily plan scrum work with at-a-glance epic information.

Agile board

Manage all types of tasks easily, including stories.

Agile performance analytic

Use preconfigured dashboards with data visualizations for epics, sprints, releases, and teams.

Agile team planning

Simplify agile team management by synching agile work items with the entire developer toolchain.

Agile Development is available with Strategic Portfolio Management

How to get Agile Development

Agile Development is available with Strategic Portfolio Management. Align your entire organization to deliver the outcomes that matter.

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