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AntiVirus Scanning

Protect the integrity of your applications and prevent file-security gaps and compromises by utilizing our comprehensive antivirus tools.

Benefits of Antivirus Scanning

Reduce threats

Combat virus risks and keep your ServiceNow® instances secure, operational, and confidential.

Customize scanning

Optimize security for your ServiceNow instances with configurable scanning preferences.

Simplify triage

Manage and diagnose quarantined files easily from a single-pane view for faster resolution.

Features of AntiVirus Scanning

Improve antivirus scanning with automatic quarantine

Automatic quarantine

Isolate all flagged and infected files automatically for further inspection.

Use antivirus scanning to bolster community security

Community security

Scan uploaded and downloaded files to protect users from infected files.

Additional features

Configurable scanning

Toggle scanning from the ServiceNow instance level down to the table level.

Antivirus metrics

Remedy sustained problem types, files, and sources to minimize future risk.

AntiVirus Scanning is available with the Now Platform

How to get AntiVirus Scanning

AntiVirus Scanning is available with the Now Platform. Deliver workflows that connect people, functions, and systems with the platform of platforms for digital business.

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