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Simplify and scale enterprise DevOps while minimizing the risks of moving at speed.

Benefits of DevOps

Simplify and automate enterprise DevOps tasks

Connect teams to ServiceNow®—keep developers in their tools and bring ops and dev teams together.

Reach your goals with value stream management

Boost collaboration by adding connectivity, visibility, and traceability to existing toolchains.

Maintain compliance and quality—at speed

Deliver innovation at the pace your business needs by automating change creation and approvals.

Minimize risk with a clean audit trail

Gather and connect info automatically from DevOps toolchains for app and infrastructure changes.

Features of DevOps

Automate tickets & approvals for continuous deployment

Change velocity

Connect development tools to change management for automatic ticketing and approval.

Deploy faster with centralized config data management

Config data management

Centralize configuration data management to prevent change errors from making it into production.

Get metrics and insights to drive continuous delivery

Metrics and insights

Track flow metrics and KPIs across teams with continuous data collection and consistent reporting.

Optimize flow across the software development lifecycle

Value stream management

Compare and manage teams to optimize flow using DevOps and Service Portfolio Management.

Additional features

Automated business processes

Remove bottlenecks by automating manual processes with a simple, drag-and-drop interface.

Single data model

Eliminate information silos with one data source for your enterprise.

Process optimization

Use process mining to refine processes for optimal operational efficiency.

DevOps is available with ITSM

How to get DevOps

DevOps is available with IT Service Management. Transform the impact, speed, and delivery of IT.

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