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Latest ServiceNow Platform Release to Accelerate Productivity and Digital Transformation with Modern Design, Expanded Hyperautomation Tools

Leading organizations like British Telecom, Becton Dickinson, City of Los Angeles, City of Santa Monica, Fujitsu, Rogers Communications, and University of California San Diego are leveraging the Now Platform to benefit from new levels of productivity, automation, and connectivity

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — March 23, 2022 — ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW), the leading digital workflow company making the world work better for everyone, today announced its Now Platform® San Diego release. With an upgraded, more modern visual design and new robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities that deliver on the promise of hyperautomation, the latest version of the Now Platform is designed to help organizations address the most pressing challenges facing every industry, in every region, and transform businesses for a new economy.   

“From the great resignation, to supply chain disruption, to the new world of hybrid work, seismic shifts in our global workforce and economy underscore that the technology strategy has become the business strategy,” said Chirantan “CJ” Desai, chief operating officer at ServiceNow. “With our Now Platform San Diego release, we are empowering digital‑first leaders to create smarter, faster, better ways of working, and unlock the true potential of hyperautomation across their organizations.”

Organizations are grappling to find more agile and employee‑led ways of working to keep their people productive and engaged. The Now Platform San Diego release helps customers across all industries drive productivity, accelerate the value of hyperautomation, and create better, smarter experiences for a new world of work, all on one platform for digital business.

Revolutionizing work with smarter experiences

ServiceNow Platform San Diego Release

With the introduction of Next Experience in the Now Platform San Diego release, ServiceNow is streamlining the experience for the 70M+ annual active platform users, who use ServiceNow every day to get their work done. Platform users will see all their most important work at their fingertips, across all their applications, so they can quickly dive into what’s important. Next Experience delivers a modern, streamlined navigation that brings every application together under one consistent experience, and elevates Favorites and History so that people can jump back into their most important work.

Next Experience delivers an upgraded, modern visual design, including a completely redesigned component library, new iconography, typography, and illustrations. The experience delivers enhanced personalization, such as accessibility preferences, information density and layout preferences, and a choice between light or dark mode.

With 25 purpose‑built workspaces that feature a next‑generation visual design, surface insights with dashboards, and use machine learning to assign tasks and recommend the next best action, Next Experience also helps platform users immediately get the information they need and move priority tasks forward more quickly. New workspaces include new CSM Configurable Workspace, Dispatcher Workspace, HR Agent Workspace, Cloud Operations Workspace, Service Operations Workspace, and Hardware Asset Manager Workspace, so teams across customer service, HR, field service, and IT can more intelligently and efficiently respond to requests or issues.

Notable among the new workspace experiences is Service Operations Workspace. Initially available in San Diego for IT Service Management teams, and later expected to be available for IT Operations Management teams in Q2 2022, this new workspace will redefine how these two previously siloed organizations can work and collaborate within a single experience.  While these two groups were historically treated as separate functions within the IT organization, Service Operations Workspace brings them together to deliver more proactive, seamless employee experiences and empowers IT knowledge workers such as service desk agents and operations teams with AI‑powered guidance to help resolve issues fast.

Accelerating the value of hyperautomation on a single platform with new RPA capabilities

ServiceNow Automation Engine

Organizations must adopt new digital business models so they can respond quickly to changing market conditions and customer demands. However, disconnected, critical systems and dependence on specialty Centers of Excellence create islands of automation, resulting in expensive, repetitive, and manual work for employees that impedes digital transformation.

Hyperautomation presents the solution – combining technologies like low‑code application development, artificial intelligence, integration, and robotic process automation (RPA) to connect modern, legacy, or unstructured data sources and accelerate digital transformation. 

Within its Now Platform San Diego release, ServiceNow is adding the final ingredient to its existing technologies to deliver on hyperautomation with the introduction of Automation Engine. Automation Engine is a complete automation and integration solution that combines Integration Hub with all‑new RPA capabilities, delivering an average of 3X faster time to value. Together with ServiceNow’s native low‑code app development product, App Engine, Automation Engine brings turn‑key solutions that are easily accessible with no learning curve for ServiceNow developers, allowing employees to automate manual, repetitive actions and connect to any system, modern or legacy.

Automation Engine also features the brand‑new RPA Hub, which provides a centralized command and control center to monitor, manage, and deploy digital robots, so organizations can automate any repetitive, manual tasks, streamline business processes, and help boost employee productivity, while reducing human errors.

RPA Hub features 1300+ pre‑built components to accelerate time to value for automation initiatives, and an RPA Desktop Design Studio, allowing users to design, test and publish both attended and unattended bots as they scale automation quickly. No code access to RPA Hub is built into Flow Designer via the RPA Hub Spoke, enabling any ServiceNow developer to leverage RPA Hub alongside Integration Hub, all in a familiar interface.

Introducing new out‑of‑the‑box industry solutions

Different industries need dedicated solutions to advance their digital transformation efforts. The Now Platform San Diego release includes vertical solutions that address the distinct digital needs of banks, insurance companies, and telecommunications and technology providers.

  • Banking: ServiceNow is helping banks create more transparent, repeatable processes to improve the end‑customer experience. New Deposit Operations for Banking automates common checking, savings, and certificate of deposit requests to help bank employees complete work fast, and Client Lifecycle Operations for Banking manages onboarding, account updates, KYC updates, and notice of death processes in a fast, more compliant manner.
  • Insurance: ServiceNow is modernizing insurance operations with its first ever solution suited specifically for the demands of carriers and their customers. This includes Personal and Commercial Lines Servicing capabilities to enable policy servicing across personal and commercial lines of business between carriers and their customers, policyholders, and distribution partners, informed by ACORD standards to improve consistency and collaboration.
  • Technology Providers: ServiceNow is launching its first targeted solutions for technology providers to streamline customer and ecosystem experiences, and launch new services quickly so they can keep up with the pace of change and increasing demand for cloud‑based and managed services. New products include Technology Provider Service Management to combine care and operations together with AI‑powered self‑service and support for more proactive customer and ecosystem experiences. Order Management for Technology Providers helps grow revenue by launching and delivering products and services quickly and with greater control.

ServiceNow continues to invest in industry solutions to help organizations drive value fast, including introducing new telecommunications solutions like Order Management, Service Management and Operations Management for telecom providers.

"Organizations today are increasingly competing on experience, both when it comes to their employees and customers, in order to retain talent, grow revenue and drive resilience,” said Dr. Lara Greden, Research Director for IDC's Platform as a Service (PaaS) practice. “Streamlining how work happens across teams and functions, with intelligent, connected experiences and by bridging together disparate systems, siloes and processes on a single platform, will be a strategic advantage. We anticipate that ServiceNow’s new solutions will help organizations deliver more productive, collaborative employee experiences, better value for customers, and overall result in a faster return on their technology investments.”


The Now Platform San Diego release is generally available today.

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What customers and partners are saying about the Now Platform San Diego release:

British Telecom

“ServiceNow telecommunications solutions help BT accelerate and simplify our digital transformation by bringing a single platform to replace many complex tools and systems,” says Gary Wright, Head of ServiceNow Platform Engineering for British Telecom. “Using both ServiceNow Telecommunications Service Management and Order Management for Telecommunications, we provided a simple powerful workspace agents love to use, and we accelerated time to market, launching order management workflows in just 5 weeks.”

City of Santa Monica

“ServiceNow has been an essential partner for the City of Santa Monica throughout our digital transformation journey, helping us innovate quickly for our citizens and employees,” said Joseph Cevetello, Chief Information Officer, City of Santa Monica. “We expect that the new capabilities within the San Diego release – such as Next Experience and Automation Engine – will help organizations like ours provide support and critical services to residents even more efficiently and seamlessly, so we can raise the bar for 21st century citizen experiences.”

Becton Dickinson

“ServiceNow has been a crucial digital transformation partner to us for more than a decade,” said Trisha Johnson, Sr. Manager, Service Technologies, Global Services at Becton Dickinson. “We started our journey together with ServiceNow’s ITSM solution back in the Berlin release and it’s amazing how far we’ve come to now San Diego! While digitizing IT processes was the first step to making work truly work better across our business, we’ve continued to expand our usage of the Now Platform to deliver more seamless and proactive experiences for both employees and customers and accelerate innovation across our entire organization, through one end‑to‑end platform for digital business. We’ve seen how ServiceNow can help organizations realize the untapped potential of digital transformation and look forward to taking advantage of the latest innovations within the Now Platform San Diego release to drive new levels of productivity, connectivity and automation at scale.”


“At Fujitsu, we are focused on powering human‑centric innovation for our customers to create a more sustainable world,” said Carey Blunt, Global Head of ServiceNow Offerings at Fujitsu. “The Now Platform makes it easy to launch new services and deliver them seamlessly both internally and for our customers, helping us stay ahead of the fast pace of change in today’s digital‑first world. We are excited about the new Technology Industry‑focused products in San Diego and how they will help us both improve the service experience for our customers and bring exciting new services to market.”


“As a design partner, we asked ServiceNow to make it easy for solutions integrators like Insight to deliver our products and services to clients leveraging the Now Platform," said Mike Gaumond, senior vice president of strategy, Insight. “A new service request solution in San Diego enables seamless integration with our clients’ ServiceNow instances to deliver full digital engagement, and it has the potential to solve in minutes what traditionally has taken days or weeks.”

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