What are IT solutions?

IT solutions are sets of services, software, or hardware that are bundled together and designed to help businesses manage complex technical operations.

At their most basic, IT solutions help businesses use their data effectively and efficiently. This includes creating, management, accessing, collecting, analyzing, optimizing, reporting, and presenting relevant information related to customers, employees, services, and processes. IT solutions empower organizations to get the most out of their information technology.

While correct use of technology has long been an important factor in business success, the need for IT solutions is seeing unprecedented growth in today’s market. Modern organizations have access to more data than ever before. At the same time, new technologies are expanding upon the traditional IT toolset, creating an increasingly complex web of systems and technological resources. To remain competitive, companies in every industry are turning to third-party IT solution vendors to help them effectively navigate and employ essential technologies.

Information technology is an extremely broad term that encompasses nearly all digital technologies associated with conducting business. Likewise, IT solutions are broad and inclusive, consisting of various software sets designed to address specific needs. That said, most IT solutions fall into at least one of the following categories:


Thanks to the unrestricted communication options offered by the internet, modern businesses now serve a global audience. At the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many organizations to make the switch to a remote workforce. In both cases, the need for reliable telecommunication technologies is essential. IT solutions help businesses effectively manage their telecommunications, both within and outside of the organization, including video conferencing, email, SMS, internet telephony, voice over internet protocol (VoiP), chatbots, and even social networking. IT solutions may also be used to create customized communication solutions.

Tech support

A basic form of IT solution, tech support exists to ensure that businesses have access to expert advice and reliable options in the event that they experience technical issues. Technical support may be available on-sight through an in-house IT department, or externally provided by an outsourced IT firm. Often, technology vendors will offer their own technical support options, allowing users to contact support centers and submit tickets to quickly resolve any problems they might encounter.


Increased use of technology has opened up new avenues to service customers and improve company efficiency and productivity. Unfortunately, this technological dependence also brings with it new dangers, in the form of cyber-criminal threats. Digital attacks are a relatively new and constantly-evolving danger for organizations in every industry. IT solutions designed to protect businesses from various threat actors are a necessary investment—both for protecting confidential data, and for creating a safe and productive employee environment.

Network and infrastructure management

Rather than building a hodgepodge system of networks and devices one piece at a time, businesses may turn to IT infrastructure procurement and management. IT Network and infrastructure procurement companies provide essential management and maintenance services for relevant hardware, software, and connections, and bring together complete solutions that would otherwise fall to separate IT service providers.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing allows businesses to outsource and access IT resources over the internet. These resources may include analytics, data storage, servers, software, and intelligence. Cloud-based service models are divided into three different categories: infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and software-as-a-service (SaaS). Cloud computing is generally delivered using a pay-as-you-go model, allowing clients to scale effectively while still keeping tight control over budgets.

Although it is conceivable that certain IT solutions may be developed and managed in-house, most organizations prefer instead to work with IT solutions companies. This is because outsourcing IT solutions brings with it certain key advantages:

Improved efficiency

In-house IT solutions are often thrown together to address issues as they arise. As a result, they may not be the most efficient approaches to IT management. IT solutions companies have the benefit of experience, and offer tried-and-true processes designed to help businesses get the most out of the information technologies.

Increased employee productivity

When in-house employees are forced to take on the role of IT support, they end up splitting their focus between managing technology and performing other essential tasks. By working with a reliable IT solutions company, organizations free up their human assets for improved productivity.

Strengthened security

Although some businesses prefer to handle security completely on their own, the fact is that IT solutions companies generally provide a more-complete security package. The success of these companies depends on their ability to protect their clients from any and all cyberthreats, ensuring that sensitive customer, employee, and organizational data remains secure.

Proven expertise

IT solutions companies aren’t there just to manage technology; they’re also there as a resource to help their clients develop innovative solutions and effective strategies. IT-solutions experts can provide valuable guidance and advice, customized to help organizations meet their goals.

24/7 Support

Even if the traditional workforce clocks out at 5:00 pm, many technologies keep working through the night. And when an issue arises with these essential systems and tools, in-house IT is not always available to immediately step in. IT solution providers, on the other hand, offer a range of 24/7 support options—call centers, virtual help desks, intelligent chat bots, etc. Easy, accessible support options can make a significant difference when problems occur outside of normal work hours.

Reduced costs

IT solutions companies are an investment. But when compared to the ongoing costs of fielding in-house IT, maintaining and repairing critical systems, and managing evolving technologies, they are an investment that generally pays for itself very quickly. Add to this the advantages of increased efficiency and productivity, and the cost savings of working with an IT solutions vendor become even more apparent.

Better user experience

Sub-par technology management slows everything down and creates a complex, frustrating experience. Whether the user base consists of employees or customers, reliable IT solutions ensure a seamless, responsive, and intuitive experience.

ServiceNow provides IT solutions to meet essentially any business-technology need. Built on the award-winning Now Platform and incorporating advanced, AI-driven workflows, these solutions help optimize IT for organizations across every industry and market.


IT Service Management (ITSM) gives structure to the entire lifecycle of IT services—from creation, through implementation and management, to delivery and upkeep. ServiceNow ITSM allows businesses to consolidate on-premises systems and IT tools into a single, effective data model, improving IT productivity, achieving new insights, and creating more-resilient service experiences.

Strategic Portfolio Management

Strategic Portfolio Management from ServiceNow gives organizations the tools they need to allocate resources, anticipate business requirements, prioritize requests, improve product delivery, and increase the value of their portfolios. Improve visibility into investments and business strategies while tracking progress in real time. Increase agility by connecting investment plans with a work plan of action. Manage all operational and strategic work from a single location, and easily reallocate resources when needed.


Security Operations from ServiceNow gives companies the ability to respond to threats more quickly and effectively than ever before. Build cyber resilience using AI and detailed context. Apply risk-based vulnerability management and work with IT to prioritize threats based on potential business impact. Employ the MITRE ATT&CK framework to close gaps. Access in-depth reports to assess security posture and team performance.


Governance, Risk, and Compliance solutions from ServiceNow provide an integrated view of risk, allowing companies to quickly assess related business impacts. Transforming inefficient processes into a reliable, unified risk program, ServiceNow makes it possible to manage risk and resilience confidently and in real time. Governance, Risk, and Compliance provides clear, up-to-date visibility, aligns initiatives and stakeholders, and boosts business resilience.


IT Operations Management (ITOM) solutions ensure complete visibility into business technology infrastructures and services. Employ advanced automation to identify and resolve issues before they occur, sharing actionable insights across teams. Use built-in playbooks and knowledge-based resources to ensure best practices on repetitive tasks. Use ServiceNow Service Graph to create a strong data foundation.


IT Asset Management (ITAM) from ServiceNow gives businesses the resources and tools they need to take full control of their software assets. Use automation to optimize hardware, software, and cloud costs, significantly reducing risk while improving IT returns.

Industries we serve

ServiceNow IT solutions are available to help you improve your business, no matter what the market. ServiceNow provides effective solutions within the following industries:

  • Education
  • Energy and utilities
  • Financial services
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail

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