What is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow allows employees to work the way they want to, not how software dictates they have to. And customers can get what they need, when they need it.

The only constant today is change. As we have witnessed over the past few years, disruptions happen all the time, and they create tremendous challenges for businesses worldwide. Businesses are constantly seeking ways to drive growth, reduce costs, and manage risk. Today’s organizations suffer from digital sprawl—they have tons of data sitting across a multitude of systems and vendors, making it difficult to connect, orchestrate and structure to create efficient processes and outcomes. This creates operational and technological challenges that hinder scale, create risk, diminish customer experience, and stifle agility across an enterprise, regardless of their size or industry.

Businesses looking to reduce cost—and drive growth—work with ServiceNow, the intelligent platform for digital transformation. ServiceNow is not a system of record—but rather a system of action—a platform that sits atop organizations’ existing data and systems, preventing the need to rip and replace those existing systems. With simple, easy-to-use interfaces that empower employees and customers, the ability to purposefully orchestrate and automate tasks and processes across their enterprise—that also extends to their ecosystems—to drive efficiency and optimization, using customizable, low-code tools that allow organizations to quickly scale and adapt to any force, ServiceNow is the only intelligent platform that empowers organizations to grow the top line while protecting the bottom line. ServiceNow helps companies take a platform and digital-first approach that creates a better organizational posture for today and drives efficiency and growth for the future.

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Accelerate Business Outcomes with the Now Platform

Discover the power of the ServiceNow platform beyond IT solutions. Unlock business potential and accelerate outcomes across your enterprise.

ServiceNow has been an integral part of the IT world for two decades. Founded in 2004 by former Peregrine Systems CTO Fred Luddy, ServiceNow began its existence on a single laptop run out of a home office, supported by one employee and a handful of dedicated volunteers.

From these humble beginnings, Luddy set out to create a cloud-based platform for routing work effectively that would be powerful enough to drive business success, but simple enough that it wouldn’t drive away potential users. Not surprisingly, this objective resonated with customers. The company grew quickly and in 2012 it went public.

Since then, ServiceNow has significantly expanded its offerings, bringing cloud-based, AI-enhanced technology to organizations around the globe. But even now with thousands of customers worldwide, ServiceNow remains fully committed to the same priorities that defined its mission 20 years ago: a passion for helping people get more out of technology. Now, ServiceNow offerings include IT service management, IT operations management, customer service management, human resource management, security operations, risk and compliance, workplace service delivery, and field service management—all built on the award-winning Now Platform®.

ServiceNow is powered by a singular technology stack that we call the Now Platform. Every solution that we sell—whether for IT, Operations, Customer Service, HR, Shared Services, Finance (back office), purpose-built Industry solutions, and more—is built on the Now Platform. As global business continues to become more and more complex, organizations must become more efficient and simplify work in order to control costs and extract the most value from all of their technology investments. Born in the cloud with a single data model and based on a secure, task-based technology framework—with AI and machine learning built-in—the Now Platform enables data to flow seamlessly across applications, departments, and existing systems to automate, optimize, and modernize work. With a single, intelligent, low-code platform, reusable data model, and single architecture, organizations in any industry can keep work flowing quickly and seamlessly, all while removing complexity for end-users. The Now Platform enables any company to digitize any process across their organization with pre-built and customizable workflow solutions across functions and critical business systems by connecting them on a single platform so that companies can maximize the value of existing IT investments, reduce costs, make impactful improvements in core business processes, and ultimately, drive growth.

ServiceNow offers solutions built to optimize how companies use technology to unlock productivity and deliver the best possible experiences for employees and customers. Supporting this mandate are five categories of solutions made possible by ServiceNow:
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Technology Excellence

Leverage the power of AI, machine learning, and automation to deliver secure and resilient technology services that differentiate your business and neutralize threats. Provide a holistic and strategic view of your enterprise technology, empowering your business to achieve speed and agility while driving growth and innovation. Learn more about Technology Excellence.

Customer Experience

With AI capabilities that allow customers to self-serve, drive down case volumes, and increase response times, you’ll create customer experiences that increase customer loyalty, empower your teams, and improve the bottom line. Explore what’s possible with Customer Experience.

Operational Excellence

Craft transparent, trustworthy, effective processes across every part of the workday. Reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and demonstrate resilience while building a competitive advantage with Operational Excellence.

Employee Experience

Provide a personalized and secure platform for employees to access all the information, tools, and support they need, while reducing complexity and improving productivity. Empower employees to work flexibly and efficiently, streamlining processes and technologies, and drive business outcomes with Employee Experience.

Hyperautomation and Low Code

Automate workflows and modernize legacy processes using low-code and no-code development capabilities to deploy apps fast and drive efficiency across the organization. Explore Hyperautomation and Low Code.

Finance and Supply Chain Management

Deliver innovation while cutting costs. Automate manual processes, streamline supplier collaboration, and cut technical debt down to zero with Finance and Supply Chain Management.

Simplified Experiences

ServiceNow delivers Simplified Experiences that empower everyone inside and outside of your organization; with a simplified layer of engagement, data is unified from any system across your organization and presented in an intuitive and intelligent UI that makes it easy to learn, use, and adapt, without the need to rip and replace existing systems. Most importantly, your customers reap the benefits downstream.

Purposeful Automation

ServiceNow enables Purposeful Automation, which means we can take the digital sprawl across your enterprise and deliver an automated, intelligent system of action, taking the load and burden off your employees and driving real and measurable business outcomes for every part of your business globally, at scale, driving efficiency and reducing cost across the org.

Organizational Agility

ServiceNow provides Organizational Agility with a low-code intelligent platform because the only constant today is change, and businesses needs to be able to pivot and adapt quickly while continuing to push the boundaries of innovation. From the C-suite on down, our intelligent platform has AI built-in to provide speed and visibility and to connect your entire enterprise and ecosystem, pointing everyone in the same direction to solve complex problems together, faster.
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One of the most compelling things about ServiceNow and the Now Platform is its versatility. ServiceNow's products are designed to integrate smoothly with a diverse selection of legacy systems along with newer solutions. This makes ServiceNow solutions suitable for supporting most workflows across essentially every sector, including:


In the education sector, ServiceNow helps to automate processes such as course registration and IT support services, providing a better experience for students and faculty alike.

Energy and utilities

In the energy and utilities industry, ServiceNow supports the management of critical infrastructure and the optimization of operational processes to ensure smooth operations and increased efficiency.

Financial services

Financial services organizations use ServiceNow to improve customer experiences, streamline operations, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.


Governments at all levels can rely on ServiceNow tools to deliver better services to citizens, enhance transparency, and improve the efficiency of their operations.


In the healthcare sector, ServiceNow supports patient care by improving the efficiency of processes such as patient admission, bed management, and equipment maintenance.


Logistics organizations benefit from using ServiceNow to optimize their supply chain operations and improve visibility into their operations.


ServiceNow solutions help reduce operational costs for manufacturing businesses, modernizing operations and nurturing trusted channel partnerships.


Retailers use ServiceNow to manage their inventory and supply chain operations, as well as to provide better customer experiences both online and in-store.

Service providers

Service providers leverage ServiceNow to optimize their service delivery processes and create deeper connections with customers.

Telecommunications, media, and technology

ServiceNow plays a leading role in telecommunications, media, and technology, allowing organizations in this sector to manage complex IT infrastructures and drive innovation more effectively.

The unmatched capability, scalability, and usability of ServiceNow and the Now Platform makes it an attractive partner to many of the world’s most prominent businesses. Among ServiceNow's biggest-name clients are:


Accenture uses ServiceNow's IT Service Management (ITSM) solution to manage its IT infrastructure and services. This includes incident management, problem management, change management, and asset management.


Deloitte relies on the ServiceNow HRM solution to streamline its HR processes and deliver satisfying employee experiences through employee self-service, HR case management, and onboarding/offboarding automation and information base.

City of Copenhagen

The City of Copenhagen saves €100K annually and reduces 30% of IT costs with ServiceNow.


7-Eleven reduces case volumes, improved case resolution rates, and improved customer response times to deliver better customer experiences with ServiceNow.

Although each of these organizations has its own unique structure and goals, they all recognize the value of ServiceNow in improving their operations, streamlining their workflows, optimizing internal collaboration, and delivering higher-quality experiences for users and customers. These advantages all come back to the Now Platform and the powerful ServiceNow products it supports. 

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With its range of solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses across multiple industries, ServiceNow gives organizations the tools and capabilities to improve operations and deliver better outcomes. This powerful and versatile set of solutions includes:

  • IT Service Management (ITSM)
    ITSM helps organizations manage IT infrastructure and services, including incident management, problem management, change management, and asset management.
  • IT Operations Management (ITOM)
    ITOM provides invaluable support in managing the performance and availability of IT infrastructure and services, including networks, servers, and applications.
  • Customer Service Management (CSM)
    CSM delivers a consistent and personalized customer experience across all channels and touchpoints, making it ideal for any businesses that wish to optimize their customer experiences.
  • App Engine
    App Engine enables organizations to build custom applications on the Now Platform using low-code and no-code development capabilities, turning software concepts into reality without the need for programming expertise
  • Automation Engine
    Automation Engine puts intelligent technologies to work to automate workflows and processes, reducing manual effort and improving efficiency.
  • Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM)
    SPM ensures that everything remains fully aligned with established business goals and objectives, for businesses that want to improve how they manage and optimize their portfolio of IT and business projects.
  • HR Service Delivery
    HR Service Delivery assists organizations in streamlining their HR processes and delivering a retention-building employee experience through advanced employee self-service, HR case management, and onboarding/offboarding support.
  • Security Operations (SecOps)
    SecOps provides the tools to manage security incidents and vulnerabilities quickly and successfully, ensuring that potential issues are identified and addressed before they can damage the business.
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)
    GRC helps organizations manage risk and compliance across their operations, including regulatory compliance, risk assessments, and policy management.
  • Workplace Service Delivery (WSD)
    WSD provides a single, centralized platform for employees to access services and support, including IT, HR, and facilities.
  • Field Service Management (FSM)
    FSM takes cloud-based support and essential work order management, scheduling, and dispatching resources out of the office, providing field service operations for technicians and others who operate on-location to serve customers.
  • Finance and Supply Chain
    Efficiently streamline finance and supply chain operations by consolidating teams, data, and processes on a single platform, automating manual tasks, like source-to-pay, and implement purpose-built workflows.
And that is only the beginning. Discover all ServiceNow products.

ServiceNow bridges the gap between IT, business objectives, employees, customers, and data—automating complex workflows, enhancing experiences, and driving operational excellence throughout entire processes.

With a comprehensive set of products and solutions tailored to meet the needs of organizations across a wide range of industries, ServiceNow is the ideal choice for any company interested in improving its operations to drive growth and reduce costs. Because after all, IT is central to modern business; give it the support, direction, and power it needs to take your business further, with ServiceNow.

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