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Machine learning and AI for IT Operations (AIOps), security operations, and risk management


AIOps: Gain visibility, manage health, and optimize digital assets and services.

Operate services with visibility, security, and AIOps

Drive intelligent, secure, and cost-effective operations

Deliver high-performing services with AIOps. Boost visibility across operations and improve risk management while reducing cost and vulnerabilities.

What is AIOps?

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Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) uses big data and machine learning to optimize operations. ServiceNow AIOps helps maintain service health by distilling event and performance data down to prioritized alerts with actionable insights.
Reduce event noise by removing redundancy. Proprietary machine-learning algorithms prioritize alerts. Relevant past data, metrics, and rich insights guide you to the causal conditions and root cause—eliminating the need to work across multiple tools.
Your AIOps solution should also guide you to meaningful actions to fix the root cause. ServiceNow takes this to the next level with remediation options that can be automatically orchestrated and presents opportunities for automation across different IT teams.
Execute tasks faster and more efficiently across systems and teams while significantly improving operational metrics for the services you deliver.

Gain visibility across your on-premises and cloud operations

Understand the current state of your infrastructure, apps, assets, vulnerabilities, threats, and risk. Assess the impact to your services and operations.

Deliver AIOps-driven business service health

Reduce incidents and MTTR with AIOps to eliminate noise, prioritize, identify root cause, and remediate. Save millions on software licenses and cloud usage.

Unify workflows to prioritize and remediate efficiently

Replace error‑prone, ad hoc processes across security, risk, and IT teams. Automate vulnerability, security incident, and risk management.

Go beyond legacy tools with AIOps

Use advanced technology across IT operations to deliver high‑performance services that create amazing experiences throughout the enterprise.

Don’t just take our word for it

See how companies like yours have created an end-to-end AIOps experience.


Raymond James reduces risk

Single system of record accelerates data gathering from weeks to near real-time.


CHS saves millions

Taking control of software assets results in license true-up cost savings of 40%.


TransAlta transforms IT

Shift from silos to service-oriented delivery results in 80% fewer outages.


Symantec gains insights

Discover how AIOps enhances visibility and improves employee experiences.

Solutions for more agile, efficient services and software

Gain visibility with ITOM

IT Operations Management (ITOM)

Make IT a proactive business partner. Get visibility, health, and optimization for your digital services.


Software Asset Management (SAM)

Take control of licenses by procuring, managing, and optimizing software needs aligned with the business.

ServiceNow IT Service Management

IT Service Management (ITSM)

Consolidate legacy systems to elevate the service experience, increase productivity, and achieve new insights.

Now Platform

Now Platform

The foundation for AIOps, ServiceNow solutions, certified partner apps, and custom app needs.

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Keep pace with AIOps

Once a buzzword, AIOps has become table stakes. How does IT keep up with the page of innovation?

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Gain full visibility into your software and IT assets. Resolve issues faster with service-level intelligence through machine learning. Deliver high-performance services.

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