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Deloitte uses ITSM on the Now Platform
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Deloitte achieves new levels of productivity


20%-50% productivity increase in various business units

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Up to 20% reduction in days sales outstanding


Four-to-five fold ROI in workflow efficiencies

Deloitte knows the advantages of standardized, efficient workflows
For 175 years, Deloitte has helped businesses run better and more profitably. Today, it is the largest professional services network worldwide and serves four out of five Fortune Global 500® companies.

As one of the world’s most respected service providers, Deloitte strives to provide its internal teams worldwide with proven processes and tools to work smarter and continually enhance client services. Active in more than 150 countries and territories, Deloitte must provide consistent, high-quality services in every region. As service demands increased, Deloitte’s efforts to consolidate and scale were hampered by inconsistent approaches to service management across the globe.

“Service providers today compete on dimensions that include knowledge, productivity, and efficiency,” says Stephen Mansfield, Americas CIO at Deloitte. “Our professionals need great service experiences, and our former tools and processes couldn’t meet growing demands. We wanted to simplify and standardize to help ensure Deloitte professionals across the globe could access agile, user-friendly service experiences.”

ServiceNow provides the foundation for a global digital transformation and consolidation
Deloitte embarked on a global consolidation program to fundamentally change the way it works across lines of business, selecting ServiceNow as a key enabler. The organization isn’t new to ServiceNow solutions—they are a ServiceNow Global Elite partner—and successful ServiceNow implementations in the UK and Canada dramatically improved efficiency and productivity, planting the seeds for global adoption.

Aiming to build on those successes, Deloitte designated the Now Platform as a foundation for its global digital transformation strategy. “We saw an opportunity to automate and digitize workflows more broadly and accelerate the onboarding of member firms worldwide,” says Stephen. “We continue to align business requirements with platform capabilities, transforming enterprise service management at Deloitte. We now think of ServiceNow as a global ERP system for technology and the connective tissue across our enterprise.”

Extending the Now Platform in support of the global IT strategy, Deloitte uses the full range of ServiceNow solutions to streamline processes—from IT service management, compliance, and security to talent management, finance, and customer service. Using the Now Platform App Engine to build custom workflows, Deloitte delivers continuing value to the business while preventing ad hoc apps, tools, and platforms from emerging across the enterprise—thus helping to avoid the next generation of technical debt.

Deloitte gives IT the tools to effectively manage a highly complex global environment
IT plays a key role in Deloitte’s digital transformation, and ServiceNow helps the organization deliver services with consistently high standards around the world. For end users, that translates to easier, faster support for routine requests, whether they need a new laptop or help using an application.

The experience behind the scenes has improved as well, as the organization standardizes and simplifies IT processes with its global rollout of ServiceNow IT Service Management, ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management, and ServiceNow IT Operations Management.

“No matter where I am in the world, if I need help with technology, I want it to work the same way,” says Stephen. “ServiceNow is helping us do that, standardizing everything from change management to asset management while providing a central view of our operations.”

Cybersecurity is also a top priority. Deloitte uses ServiceNow Security Operations for an integrated view of global operating activities, helping the organization identify and manage potential cybersecurity risks more effectively.

Intuitive self-service experiences and mobile enablement enhance productiviity
Deloitte extends ServiceNow beyond IT to streamline processes, deploying digital workflows for its highly mobile workforce of billable professionals, whose everyday productivity is essential to serving Deloitte’s clients.


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New York, New York
300,000+ professionals

ServiceNow helps us achieve a high degree of mobile enablement and self-service for our professionals wherever they are located.

Stephen Mansfield

Americas CIO

Stephen continues, “It’s the user experience, the simplicity, and the ability to operate without training that makes this so compelling.”

The organization now has more than 200 non-IT workflows, a collection that continues to grow. For example, the talent organization has enabled digital self-service for compensation inquiries, tax form updates, contract extensions, new hire benefit enrollment, and more, resulting in productivity gains of 25% to 40%. As the organization continues to digitize more workflows, that number is expected to increase.

The ServiceNow rollout is also extending to business operations, facilities, finance, and accounting. In one case, Deloitte automated interactions between its large billing organization and a distributed team of professionals who send invoices to clients. The result: improved handling of billing requests, enabling more efficient notification and collection.

“The billing velocity we’ve achieved with ServiceNow has reduced our Days Sales Outstanding by 10-20%, adding to our bottom line,” says Stephen.

Center of Excellence provides ways to share leading practices with professionals worldwide
To get the most value from the Now Platform, Deloitte established a ServiceNow Center of Excellence, providing resources and leading practices to help continually improve the productivity and service experiences of its professionals.

“Our Center of Excellence, along with the support and effort of our firms across the globe, continues to increase ServiceNow adoption to help build consensus on common processes and configurations across geographies,” says Stephen. “It’s been tremendously effective operationalizing enterprise service management while taking a human-centric view.”

In addition to driving adoption internally, the Center of Excellence works with Deloitte’s market-facing ServiceNow teams to create industry leading methods for the Imagine, Deliver, and Run phases of client engagements. It seeks opportunities to collaborate on digital workflow and automation solutions for clients. The Center of Excellence has also worked to transform shared service functions into a self-service model so teams can make platform enhancements without waiting for a central IT organization to fulfill requests.

Deloitte looks to ServiceNow to enable further gains
As a Global Elite partner of ServiceNow, Deloitte is well positioned to maximize the value offered by the Now Platform. Stephen concludes, “ServiceNow continues to help us improve our user experiences while aligning technology and accelerating innovation. We’ve seen a four- to five-fold ROI. Decision makers now expect to see further process efficiency and improvement in areas where we deploy ServiceNow.”

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