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University of South Carolina uses CSM on the Now Platform
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Creating a digital point of difference for students


Deflection rate for incoming phone calls


Increase in knowledge use in 2019 vs 2018


Savings in one week through self-service initiatives

ServiceNow provides a platform for University of South Carolina to optimize their digital experience. The university streamlines the systems that manage IT to accelerate the digital transformation of university service, while incorporating ServiceNow as part of the digital strategy, and establishing an effective knowledge sharing platform.

Educating a state, engaging a community
The University of South Carolina (UofSC) is the largest publicly funded university in the state. The flagship campus has approximately 33,000 enrolled students. South Carolina is one of a select group of universities to earn the Carnegie top-tier designation in both research activity and community engagement. Their mission is the education of the state’s citizens through teaching, research, creative activity, and community engagement.

Creating a centralized workplace solution
Like many industries, education is undergoing a digital transformation. UofSC wants to provide a superior digital experience for students, faculty, and parents. For that to happen they need to streamline the systems that manage IT, and to knit together the disparate systems that manage every stakeholder touchpoint. To accelerate digital deployments, the university wants to establish an enterprise workplace solution, with a single view of data and operations.

University of South Carolina logo
University of South Carolina
University of South Carolina
Columbia, South Carolina

Creating a superior digital experience requires us to build consistent, reliable, and repeatable processes.

Laurel Eddins

Platform Owner

Enabling the adoption of new service features
UofSC recognized early that this would be a journey. They wanted to ‘land’ one successful use-case of ServiceNow, and then expand throughout the organization. The ServiceNow engagement initially included IT Service Management Pro. The university now also makes use of Customer Service Management and Knowledge Management. This incremental approach enables UofSC to absorb new functionality and make informed decisions based on the capture and analysis of data.

Transforming service delivery and expectation
The successful roll-out of ServiceNow has, in part, been driven by remarkable metrics from the new, self-service portal. UofSC has seen a five-figure saving in service costs/week, all while improving CSAT scores. Knowledge use and sharing are up 300 percent over a five-year period, and there has been 10x growth since 2018. The knowledge base saw a high of 21,872 visits per month, with a call deflection rate of 79 percent. This tells UofSC the adoption has been popular, effective, and helps win converts.

Driving continual improvement
Today, the ServiceNow platform allows multiple university systems to talk to one another. The business can now deploy new applications quickly and makes effective use of ServiceNow’s out-of-the-box functionality. A single source of data can help assess performance or highlight areas needing attention. Today, the focus is on IT optimization, using ServiceNow to drive continual improvement.

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