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American University uses the Now Platform
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American University turns to fast team building for uninterrupted education, while addressing COVID-19 restrictions


Team requests fully automated in the first month


Minutes to create a new team vs. 29 hours


Hours saved in IT fulfiller productivity time

American University needed to immediately shift to create a team management system for 4,500 faculty and staff working from home to keep education going for 13,000 students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Leveraging the Now Platform, team formation requests by faculty and staff in Service Portal/Service Catalog trigger automated workflows in Flow Designer and IntegrationHub.

The university has reduced the (MTTR) incident management time from 29 hours to 8 minutes, saved IT fulfiller productivity hours, and quickly addressed 150 team requests in the first month, enabling work to continue uninterrupted at remote locations.


American University
American University

The new automated self-service experience for creating Microsoft Teams has helped our staff and faculty departments and committees to seamlessly transition to a remote working environment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Beth Muha

Assistant VP, Human Resources

ServiceNow Customer Service Management

The Now Platform

Explore the solution that helps American University faculty move to online instruction.

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