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Sanford Health uses HRSD on the Now Platform
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Sanford Health creates an employee portal with ServiceNow


Of cases completed below five-day SLA


Case deflection


Agents take care of 50,000 employees across 24 states


When does employee experience matter? When it impacts patient care. That’s what Sanford Health found when it introduced ServiceNow ITSM & HRSD. The organization delivers a five-star employee service experience in the moments that matter, while creating a single, easily accessible portal that employees can access anytime, anywhere, and get help with requests across both HR and IT.

A little background
Sanford Health aims to deliver a five-star service delivery experience for its employees in the moments that matter. However, with 50,000 employees spread across 24 states, and acquisitions of other healthcare organizations, scaling that five-star service experience can be a significant challenge.

Meeting all staff needs
“We have a belief and methodology around five-star service delivery on the things that matter to our employees,” says Chief HR Officer, Darren Walker. “We want to simplify their work so they can focus on taking care of our patients and residents.” To achieve this, in collaboration with ServiceNow, Sanford Health has created a unified service portal which brings the HR and IT teams closer together. By providing a single source for employees to go to for questions, and a seamless experience when transferring cases between departments, the teams work better together.

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Sanford Health
Sanford Health
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Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

We have achieved a lot of great results.

Darren Walker

Chief HR Officer

Satisfaction on the rise
Now, 16 agents take care of 50,000 employees over 24 states and achieve 90% case deflection. Employee satisfaction is also improving due to the case resolution rate; 97% of cases are now completed under the five-day SLA.

Extending ServiceNow further
The Now Platform also helped Sanford Health when the COVID pandemic broke out. Working with ServiceNow it was able to introduce a new form to make sure employees had the information they needed on how to get back to work. This enabled the team of 16 agents to support over 35,000 new COVID cases.

The HR and IT teams have also implemented capabilities such as the native mobile app and virtual agent to enhance service delivery for their employees and support a deskless workforce for nurses. “Our aim is to simplify our employees’ work so they can focus on taking care of our patients and residents,” concludes Darren.

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