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Scheidt Bachman uses CSM on the Now Platform
Scheidt Bachmann

How to drive service and innovation?


Access to service portal


Customers and 11K car parks integrated globally


Of customers ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’

The future of parking is digital
Car parking is an increasingly digital business. Scheidt & Bachmann’s solutions include ticketless entry and exit by scanning license plates, cameras to monitor availability of parking spaces, use of QR codes, UHF-Tags, RFID, and payment cards. Scheidt & Bachmann not only creates these innovations, it provides service and maintenance for all operational hardware. The German business is recognized globally for its innovative vision and customer orientation.

Providing 24/7 customer service
Scheidt & Bachmann’s customers include local councils, airports, facilities managers, and large enterprises. All expect parking systems to work 24/7. To ward off competition and uphold its reputation for innovation, Scheidt & Bachmann wanted to implement a harmonized service management tool and fully integrated customer portal. The goal was to better support customers, fix issues faster, and drive operational efficiency.

Driving parking efficiency with ServiceNow
Scheidt & Bachmann implemented ServiceNow Field Service Management (FSM) and Customer Service Management (CSM) within all its global subsidiaries and 20 distribution partners. This created a single service management tool with a new customer portal integrating more than 5,000 customers and almost 11,000 car parks worldwide. Today, should a failure occur, a ticket is raised through FSM, and an engineer is dispatched to remediate the problem, automatically notifying the customer and issuing an invoice in the process. Engineers also use a new mobile app to order materials and improve communications.

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Scheidt & Bachmann
Scheidt & Bachmann
Mönchengladbach, Germany
IT & Technology Services

The detailed reporting we get out of ServiceNow will deliver real, long-term improvements to our service.

Jason Barnes

Operations Director, Scheidt & Bachmann UK


Real-time data and first-rate customer service
One of the key business benefits of using ServiceNow is the data the service provider can access in realtime. This allows the business to investigate every service call, look at the dwell time, review response times, and consider the spare parts held for engineers impacting first-time fix. It also provides better recording and tracking of warranty work. Customers now have 24/7 access to the portal. Scheidt & Bachmann reports 97% of customers are ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with the new service.

Geared up for greater efficiency
Digital workflows are transforming engineer productivity and creating a proactive service mindset. This is helping to reduce fix times and improve service transparency for customers. It also establishes a consistent platform capable of supporting international growth.

“The aspiration is to continuously improve the business, not only internally in regard to increasing efficiency, but also in regard to customer satisfaction and customer experience,” says Thorsten Braun, Director of Global Operations at Scheidt & Bachmann.

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