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Tunstall uses CSM on the Now Platform
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Ready for the future of care?


Increase in customer satisfaction


Day to implement ITIL processes



Next-generation care technology
Tunstall provides technology and services to support the health and care sector, including health monitors and personal alarms to support care providers in protecting vulnerable people living at home or in residential care.

Creating a single point of contact
Tunstall technology plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and quality of life of people receiving care. Both individuals and care agencies need to be able to access support services 24/7 if they have an issue or query about a product or service.

“We’re evolving from a product-based company to a solution provider as we move from reactive, to proactive, and eventually preventative care,” says Mikael Kluge, IT, Support, and Service Operations Director at Tunstall Nordic. “Our technology helps people make smarter decisions about care for the best possible outcomes, and we need to be able to respond to cases quickly, 24 hours a day.”

Tunstall decided to simplify access to support with a single point of contact for its customer service. It also wanted to unlock real-time visibility across teams and implement a standard IT process framework to maximize efficiency.

A 70% increase in customer satisfaction
The team implemented ServiceNow Customer Service Management and built Tunstall Connect, a portal implementing standard IT processes so that issues reported by customers could quickly be addressed by technical staff, in just one day.

“Our previous system lacked visibility. With ServiceNow we can see every ticket created from a customer’s case in real time and handle them quickly, whether the customer submits by phone, email, or via the portal,” says Daniel Pilquist, Service Desk Manager at Tunstall Nordic.

When a ticket is closed, the corresponding case is closed and ServiceNow automatically sends the customer a survey to capture their feedback. In just two years, Tunstall’s customer satisfaction rating has increased by 70%, and happy customers drive company growth.

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Tunstall Nordic
Tunstall Nordic
Malmö, Sweden

With ServiceNow we can see every ticket in real time and handle them quickly, whether the customer submits by phone, email, or via the portal.

Daniel Pilquist

Service Desk Manager


Streamlining field services
The company is also using ServiceNow Field Service Management to provide remote support to customers. Field technicians are allocated work orders associated to tickets in ServiceNow and visit customers on site to carry out repairs, while progress on the case is automatically updated in the system.

Customers simply log onto the portal and track the status of their case until it’s resolved by the technician.

“Before ServiceNow, we would’ve had multiple tickets to handle field service, but now we can streamline support and give the customer a totally seamless experience while working as one team,” adds Daniel.

Providing a world-class service
Tunstall Connect was first rolled out in Sweden. Following the success of the implementation, it’s now being adopted in other Nordic countries and across Europe.

“ServiceNow is playing a key role as we evolve our services,” concludes Mikael. “Being able to respond to customers quickly isn’t just nice to have in our industry—it means care givers can devote more time to caring for the elderly and vulnerable.”

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ServiceNow Customer Service Management

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