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Uniper uses ITSM on the Now Platform
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Uniper achieves digital transparency with connected IT

Net zero



Saved in cost reduction and efficiencies


Employees connected in 40 countries

Uniper delivers connected, efficient, and cost-effective IT infrastructure, services, and systems, using the Now Platform ®.  

On a journey to clean energy

Uniper is a leading international energy company with around 11,500 employees and activities in more than 40 countries. With about 34 GW of installed generation capacity, Uniper is among the largest global power generators. Its main activities include power generation in Europe and Russia as well as global energy trading, including a diversified gas portfolio that makes Uniper one of Europe’s leading gas companies. Under its new strategy, Uniper aims to become carbon neutral in Europe by 2035.

Digital transparency

Uniper’s complex international operations require user-friendly and connected IT and telecoms to respond quickly to customers and the dynamic, fast moving, and highly competitive energy markets. It wanted to achieve ‘digital transparency’, a streamlined IT environment with a shared understanding and visibility of diverse IT assets, services, and suppliers, enabling its teams to work with flexibility and agility, and for executives to create and manage an efficient, responsive, and cost-effective IT ecosystem, fit for the challenges ahead.

A platform for growth

ServiceNow was selected by Uniper to provide a transparent IT platform to optimize and integrate current and future IT Service Management processes. Multiple duplicate legacy software and systems were decommissioned, and a new global IT service desk and customized IT processes were created for the new organization. Now, the business can appreciate the role of IT in supporting teams to perform and thrive, and how vital IT data and insights can be used to improve service delivery, promote efficiencies, and ensure business continuity.

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Düsseldorf, Germany
Energy and Utilities

ServiceNow Software Asset Management provides transparency and protects our reputation.

Evan Vafidis

Head of License Management

Value, efficiencies, and cost savings

Digital transparency has transformed the role and value perception of Uniper’s IT operation. Instead of a business cost, IT is contributing in new ways, delivering vital business intelligence to guide investment decisions, rationalizing and simplifying its IT asset base, and, by reducing incident volume, freeing up time for IT professionals to solve the right problems and create new, added-value solutions. Utilizing the Now Platform has contributed to annual business efficiency gains and cost savings estimated at €2 million.

Motivated and committed

“ServiceNow has delivered many benefits – our people are motivated and committed, with pride in their performance and accomplishments,” explains Evan Vafidis, Head of License Management. “Everyone can see what’s going on in the business and internal communication has improved immeasurably. By integrating diverse, specialist IT software and services on the Now Platform we’ve lived up to ‘the Uniper way’ and created, a single, coordinated, and secure approach where everyone can see how they contribute to our own success and our customers’ success too.”

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