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Financial Reporting

You often need to be able to create detailed financial reports from a combination of IT and corporate financial data such as a bill of services. Your IT group may want to charge a business unit for services or you may simply want to show the associated costs to allow much better alignment between IT and the business when it comes to IT investment decisions.

ServiceNow® Financial Reporting makes it easy for a financial analysts and business unit owners to measure and show charges based on the actual consumption of services. Get insight into your services and the utilization of those services by each department.

Benefits to Your Enterprise

Create a more cooperative relationship between IT and other departments. Share detailed financial information your internal clients can use to understand the cost of the IT services they use, to plan for future services, and to manage costs.

Generate Detailed Financial Reports Quickly

Create detailed financial reports based on planned, actual, and forecasted data

Take advantage of out‑of‑the box cost models, allocation metrics, and dashboards

Enable a financial analyst to more easily create reports, like a bill of IT, either to accurately charge for services or simply to show associated costs

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Pass Along Comprehensive Visibility

Share historical service consumption patterns combined with current costs

Provide service owners with a complete understanding of, and visibility into, the consumption of services so they can plan for future consumption and resources

Show business units what they are getting for their investment as a show‑back or chargeback report, and allow them to drill into line‑item details

Make it easy for the business unit to accept financial reports or query individual line items

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Better Manage IT Costs

Easily create and maintain a standard cost for catalog services and nonstandard services

Give business units information they can use to encourage behavior that reduces their IT spending

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