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Asurion turns employee onboarding into a competitive advantage among insurers


New employee onboarding satisfaction


Employee onboardings every week


Months to automate the employee onboarding process

With 17,000 employees, Asurion helps more than 300 million people unlock technology’s potential via a number of highly successful services. Asurion requires a highly skilled recruitment team. With ServiceNow, the company streamlines and standardizes the onboarding processes. Not only is recruiters’ time freed up, but the entire onboarding experience is elevated.

Elevating the onboarding experience

Asurion helps make lives easier for people by delivering product protection services and smart tech help
Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Asurion helps people worldwide make their lives easier with a range of highly-rated services—from comprehensive product protection to smart tech help.

Partnering with leading wireless carriers, retailers, and pay-TV providers, Asurion’s 17,000 employees deliver a seamless, award-winning customer experience. As a technology-driven company, Asurion operates in an extremely competitive labor market. To attract and retain talent, Asurion invests in a highly skilled recruitment team and emphasizes the importance of delivering an outstanding experience for new hires.

Asurion needed to replace manual processes, reduce multiple systems, and build a shared services team to free up recruiters’ time
To strengthen these critical recruiting capabilities, Asurion recently added recruiting support to its shared services model. According to Bob Davis, Human Resources Director at Asurion, “Previously, our recruiters handled everything from identifying and interviewing candidates through to onboarding and administration. By building a shared services team that focused on onboarding support, we freed up our recruiters’ time to do what they do best–recruiting. And, with a dedicated recruiting support team, we could focus on creating a world-class onboarding experience backed by rock-solid administrative services.” 

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With the ServiceNow employee service portal, we could offer our hiring managers and new employees intuitive onboarding checklists, manage and assign tasks across multiple departments, and distribute targeted content to new hires.

Bob Davis

Human Resources Director, Asurion

Bob continues, “To enable this shared services model, we needed to standardize and automate our onboarding. Our hiring managers told us they were struggling with manual processes and multiple systems–one to request computers and phones, another for office space, yet another for parking passes, and so on. The process was cumbersome and hard to navigate–and it often relied on tribal knowledge. We wanted a one-stop solution that drove onboarding end-to-end, making it easy for managers to get new hires what they needed to succeed.”

ServiceNow helps Asurion deliver a next-generation onboarding experience
After examining its options, Asurion chose ServiceNow® Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions. Bob says, “The choice came down to ServiceNow and Workday. We had both systems in house–we used ServiceNow for IT, as well as HR case and knowledge management, while Workday was our HRIS. Both had onboarding, but Workday drove everything by email. With the ServiceNow employee service portal, we could offer our hiring managers and new employees intuitive onboarding checklists, manage and assign tasks across multiple departments, and distribute targeted content to new hires–welcome videos, useful role-based information, and more. With chat, ServiceNow also made it easy for new employees to get instant online help.”

Asurion uses ServiceNow out-of-the-box capabilities to go live in just two months
Asurion went live with Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions in only two months. According to Bob, “We started with a minimal viable product for our exempt North American employees. We were able to use out-of-the-box ServiceNow capabilities, which dramatically simplified the implementation. And, since we had already integrated ServiceNow with Workday for IT, this made the implementation even easier. After we launched, we spent another six weeks fine-tuning the solution based on employee feedback–at which point, we were ready to go global.”

ServiceNow drives the entire fulfillment process–simplifying onboarding for Asurion’s hiring managers
Now, when an offer is extended and accepted, Taleo adds a new employee record to Workday, which then triggers the ServiceNow onboarding process. Using ServiceNow, hiring managers simply pick the resources they need for their new employees, including computers, phones, office space, software applications, passes, and more.

ServiceNow drives the entire fulfillment process–hiring managers and recruiters no longer have to find out where to go or chase things down once the request is made. And, when a new employee shows up for their first day at work, ServiceNow automatically prompts the hiring manager to activate the employee’s credentials, completing the fulfillment process.

ServiceNow helps Asurion’s new hires succeed by automatically pushing useful information to them before and after they join
For new hires, the onboarding process starts before they even arrive for work. Bob explains, “ServiceNow automatically pushes useful information to the new employee before they join. This includes invitations to explore benefits information and watch videos about Asurion. Then, on their first day, ServiceNow tells them how to get going, including setting up email, accessing marketing materials and templates, and carrying out a range of other day-one activities.”

Bob continues, “A few days later, once the employee has started to settle in, ServiceNow helps them with activities such as setting up direct deposits, selecting benefits, and making 401(k) elections–working seamlessly with other HR systems such as ADP and Fidelity. Then, over the next 30 days, ServiceNow provides a drip feed of useful information that is specific to the employee’s role.”

Asurion gave its technology fulfillment teams dashboards that showed their performance and led to an improved process.

ServiceNow automatically surveys new hires about their onboarding experience 
Bob is convinced by the results, saying, “As part of the onboarding process, ServiceNow automatically surveys new hires about their onboarding experience. Just by turning on out-of-the-box ServiceNow onboarding capabilities, we’ve achieved an 86% satisfaction rating–4.3 stars out of five. And, we can see where we need to improve. For example, ServiceNow has told us that computing equipment doesn’t show up on the first day 20% of the time. We never knew that before. Now, we’ve given our technology fulfillment teams dashboards that show their performance, driving action to improve the process.”

Once the global rollout is complete, ServiceNow will handle 300 to 400 onboardings per week
For Asurion, the next step is to roll out ServiceNow Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions globally, as well as to its North American non-exempt staff. Once this rollout is complete, ServiceNow will handle 300 to 400 onboardings every week. The company is already using ServiceNow for HR case management, and it sees the opportunity to create a unified service center for its employees’ support needs–not just onboarding, but also IT and HR services.

ServiceNow gives Asurion an Employee Experience Platform to create outstanding experiences across the entire employee lifecycle
For Bob Davis, the sky is the limit. “We’ve already transformed our core onboarding processes, and we now have the opportunity to be truly revolutionary. Our goal is to create outstanding experiences across the entire employee lifecycle, and ServiceNow has given us the employee experience platform to do this. For example, we are planning to use ServiceNow for offboarding, and we also see huge potential for learning and development activities. By making it easy for managers and employees to take action, get help, and consume content, we’re turning HR support into a competitive differentiator for Asurion.”

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