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Financial Modeling

You're under constant pressure to cut costs while investing in innovation and transformation initiatives. But legacy IT systems give you little access to the data you need—data that provides insight into where and why your budget is allocated and spent. 

ServiceNow® Financial Modeling maps actual business service, application, project, and infrastructure costs that are already managed within the Now Platform® to their consumers. It's exactly what you need to align your IT costs with your business goals. 


Improve visibility when you give CIOs and service owners a realistic view of service delivery costs

Grow credibility by showing where money is spent and what factors affect costs

Align with the business priorities by mapping financial insights to business services

Application Highlights

Automate your allocation rules

Create an Allocation Model

Automate your allocation rules

Provide interactive chargeback to business units

Simple Charge Back Example

Provide interactive chargeback to business units

Create transparency with detailed financial overviews

IT Financial Management overview

Create transparency with detailed financial overviews

Feature Details

  • Cost Modeling and Reporting

    Use the friendly, drag‑and‑drop workbench to determine your allocation rules. The rules will then run automatically for all future data. We make it simple to tie models to what you are already doing in ServiceNow rather than trying to make everything conform to something defined externally.

  • Centralized Budget Planning

    Provide transparency into budget composition as you consolidate budget planning. You can use your Now Platform™ to provide collaborative and transparent analyses as part of a consistent budget planning process for items already managed in ServiceNow such as Programs and Projects. For additional budget perspectives, you can use multiple budget models side by side.


Financial Modeling Is Part of…

IT Business Management

IT Business Management

Run IT like a business, with project and application visibility and financial insight.

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