Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Efficient budgeting is vital to supporting strategic business initiatives. However, a budgeting process based on individual spreadsheets that must be individually collated and reconciled with the overall IT budget leads to mistakes, wasted resources, and a lack of credibility. 


ServiceNow® Financial Planning is a centralized budget data resource that optimizes budget planning by replacing spreadsheets with an online repository. The repository aligns budgets with business requirements, encourages collaboration, and offers new ways to address budget challenges and communicate budget adherence to stakeholders. 



Improve visibility and collaboration by supporting multiple budget models for different use cases and plan-versus-actual analyses

Improve credibility with integrated data and multiple fiscal period breakdown analyses

Ensure alignment with requested, allocated, and actual resource hours and cost, as well as portfolio level data

Application Highlights

Easy to view dashboards

Easy to view dashboards

Easy to view dashboards

Feature Details

  • Centralized Budget Planning

    Financial Planning capability from ServiceNow provides transparency into budget composition while consolidating budget planning in one place. Budget owners can leverage their existing ServiceNow platform to provide collaborative and transparent analysis as a part of a consistent budget planning process.

  • Single Platform

    Less time is spent gathering and transforming data, leaving more time to benefit from service delivery data on the same system that manages asset lifecycles, Configuration Management Database (CMDB), service, and project management. The results are new insights on where and how to transform technology that drives the business.

Financial Planning Is Part of…

IT Business Management

Run IT like a business, with project and application visibility, and financial insight.