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Zoom uses CSM on the Now Platform
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Connecting people delivers customer happiness at Zoom


Reduction in manual application access requests


Of key processes now automated


HR tickets handled per month


Beginning a partnership
Zoom is a global engine of innovation and connection used by millions of people in nearly 200 countries and territories. Businesses around the world use the Zoom platform to enable new ways of working, learning, providing healthcare, delivering services, hosting events, and empowering a hybrid workforce in ways that have never been done before.

Zoom has seen historical growth and, as with many fast-growing businesses, over the years Zoom acquired a range of disparate and disconnected tools and technologies that employees were using in their day-to-day work. As a company dedicated to connecting its customers, Zoom realized it needed to better connect its more than 8,000 employees, living up to its culture of ‘delivering happiness’. 

‘Zoomies’—as its people are affectionately known—were relying on calls and emails to request support to resolve IT issues or carry out basic HR tasks, such as booking time off or submitting inquiries about salaries or career development opportunities. 

In 2019, to provide a superior working experience for Zoomies, Zoom introduced ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) and HR Service Delivery (HRSD). The ServiceNow platform enabled Zoom to deliver better service and frictionless video communications for its customers and unlock productivity and efficiency benefits for the business.

More recently, ServiceNow Customer Support Management (CSM) has been introduced to support Zoom’s customer support operations for government customers.

Empowering colleagues to self-serve
With the help of ServiceNow, Zoom has transformed the employee experience by bringing all employee services and support together in one location, accessible through a unified service portal, with consumer-grade self-service experiences enabled by relevant and comprehensive Knowledge Base articles. 

AskZoomPX (People Experience), the central destination for HR services, has proved transformational for Zoom’s 8,000+ global employees, becoming a one-stop-shop for all HR services and searchable Knowledge Base articles. 

With an average of 2,000 tickets running each month, AskZoomPX is clearly valued, not least by the company’s steady flow of new recruits eager to hit the ground running and hungry for self-service information to find their way around their new workplace.

“Our goal is to have everything in one place, so all employees know where to start and have confidence that they will find the answers they seek. But at the same time, if they feel they need to speak to someone directly, that is an easy option too,” explains Christine Bahra, Head of Global PX Services at Zoom. 

“All of our Zoomies know AskZoomPX is the place to go to ask questions about payroll, people experience, and more. We have at least 1,500 Knowledge Base articles that are viewed and updated on a regular basis. It’s a great resource for our PX team, and ServiceNow allows us to see trends in which types of tickets and questions crop up most, so we can address those head-on by adding or tailoring content accordingly,” Christine continues. 

“As a result, even though our employee headcount has grown, the number of tickets hasn’t, so we know that colleagues are self-serving when and where it suits them. Empowering our colleagues to self-serve has released valuable time for my team, taking simple tasks off their plate, and letting them focus on higher value tasks like data analysis and reporting,” says Christine.

Resilience and informed decision making
IT service support has also been centralized. Now, Zoomies have one location to find information to resolve their own IT queries. Or if they need more detailed support, requests are quickly routed to the right expert, and fixed faster, with reduced mean time to resolution (MTTR) producing significant annual cost savings. Simple queries like requests for application access, which can be an unnecessary drain on the IT team’s time, have been reduced by 75%. IT agents are freed up to focus on more strategic, high priority tasks. 

The result is much more resilient IT services across the business and a single source of truth, empowering informed decision making and IT business planning, with huge potential for additional automation to unlock further efficiencies and productivity gains.

“The ServiceNow platform has provided frictionless ways for colleagues to handle their IT, it has removed a lot of mundane tasks, and certainly made onboarding new colleagues much easier during a time of rapid growth,” explains Donna Bisio, IT Systems Manager at Zoom.

“And there’s great potential to achieve even more, by adding more catalog items, knowledge articles, and integrations,” Donna adds.

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San Jose, California

Our close partnership with ServiceNow is based on shared values and a shared commitment to connecting people.

Awinash Sinha

Corporate CIO


Visual tools bring data to life
Trevan Busby is the Technical Support Manager for Zoom for Government (ZfG), a platform designed for US federal agencies that is also available to US state and local government customers, as well as approved businesses and organizations that support the US government. 

Trevan and his team of 20 colleagues support ZfG customers 24/7. “We want to make our customers’ days as easy as possible, and ServiceNow’s contribution to that effort is increasing steadily,” he says.

Trevan continues, “ServiceNow provides a comprehensive platform that allows us to do a lot more for our customers. We really love the agent workspace, with our own landing pages for the team, and the ability to visually represent our tickets in a more intuitive way, with different tiles for different tasks.”

Zoom still uses lots of different applications for different tasks, quality assurance, coaching agents, and customer experience surveys. Trevan’s next move is to use ServiceNow for all those activities because the ServiceNow platform has all that functionality and more. 

“In ServiceNow, I can build a wide range of dashboards to manage my team and individual team members from various perspectives. The dynamic filtering of data is very helpful. It’s great to be able to share this information with colleagues, so they can see their own personal development and how their performance has improved,” adds Trevan.

Delivering compliance
The strength and depth of the Zoom and ServiceNow relationship is perfectly illustrated by Zoom’s use of ServiceNow to achieve US Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) compliance when developing ZfG. FedRAMP Moderate level status was achieved within just six months, and the ZfG platform has gone on to receive a comprehensive host of further government authorizations and attestations. 

ServiceNow is part of the foundation for ZfG’s ongoing compliance program. Features such as asset management, change control ticketing, and automated user access reviews have been built into the ServiceNow platform to meet these compliance needs.

“ServiceNow is fully FedRAMP compliant, providing the security and peace of mind for all those public organizations across the United States relying on Zoom,” explains Lou Giglio, Head of Federal Government at Zoom. “Having ServiceNow as our platform of choice across our business, we know that we have the right solutions in place to support our federal mission.”

Delivering happiness 
With ServiceNow CSM, Zoom is reducing case volume and creating a better customer experience for its ZfG customers while at the same time realizing revenues faster. 

Says Trevan: “Customer satisfaction is crucial for Zoom, we’re all here to make customers happy—we call it delivering happiness—and ServiceNow has had an important role to play in helping us to do that.” 

Zoom Corporate CIO, Awinash Sinha, sums up perfectly the impact ServiceNow is having on helping Zoomies deliver around the globe: “Our close partnership with ServiceNow is based on shared values and a shared commitment to achieve our primary goal of connecting people around the world.”

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